• Could your beard use a touch up? We offer beard coloring services to match your natural color.
  • Do you have a big, itchy beard? First we trim the beard to your desired length and follow it with by a hot towel. Then we pamper your face with a cleansing wash and exfoliate the skin. After the cleanse, we edge your beard with a straight-razor. All this is done using specialty products where we offer a unique formula of beard washing, beard control, and beard balm. Look and feel your best.
  • Give your beard a fresh look with a Beard Trim. Just let us know how you want it and we'll take it from there.
  • The chair massage provides a quick yet relaxing treatment. With the goal of loosening up knots and relieving tension in the back and neck, you can experience a significant change to your well-being with this pampering 10 minute treatment.
    • $20 - Ears & Nose
    • $22 - Eyebrow
    • $45 - Chest
    • $65 - Back
  • Come in for the Camo treatment, leaving you with natural looking hair. So come on by and look younger today!
  • Cut to your style with clippers, finished with a straight razor shave on sideburns & neck. Shampoo included. A gentleman's classic.
  • You desire to reduce stress hormones. Deep Tissue massages are often used to relieve chronic aches and pain, stiff necks, upper back and lower back pain as well as muscle tightness.
  • Facial

    Do you need facial skincare treatment for men? At ManCave, we understand your needs. Add a Chemical Peel for $10.
  • Is it time to ditch your full head of hair and go for the shaved look? We can help you achieve your desired appearance with an even cut and smooth finish.
  • This luxurious massage utilizes hot stones to improve circulation to quickly loosen up tightness in the back. It helps relieve muscle tension and pain, reduces stress and anxiety and promotes sleep.

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