• Keep it simple with a two-in-one, shampoo and body wash. This professional shampoo and its woodsy scent leaves you feeling fresh from head to toe. It’s a great lather for all hair types.
  • You control your beard - not the other way around. This cosmetic-grade Australian beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, and natural ingredients in this balm hydrates and conditions your beard appropriately. It even adds a bit of shine for a healthy look.
  • Get an easy-to-use oil dropper that nourishes your beard - and the skin beneath it. The shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax in this formula conditions, hydrates and shapes your unruly beard while promoting growth and softness. It's the most easy to use.
  • You need a formula that lasts - all day long. This powerful, non-alcoholic gel gives you the proper control to tame and hold your desired look. Its high viscosity works well with medium to thick hair, adding height and stability.
  • Get yourself a "texture gel" that holds like a gel but is a pliable pomade. This water-based product has a strong hold and offers a heavy shine. It's great for curly or straight hair.
  • It's simple - hairspray for men. This light-weight, quick-drying formula adds volume and holds it. Unlike most, it doesn't leave behind a sticky feeling and can be brushed through.
  • Treat your hair right with accentuated hair textures. This pliable water-based pomade gives you a natural shine, while achieving a heavy-duty hold. It's great for edgy cuts.
  • This pliable, fibrous cream gives you thickness and a matte-finished look. It's a water-based pomade that provides volume to layered cuts.
  • Take the brand on a test drive. Our minimalistic box features exactly 7 top-notch samples (10mL each). Each product has been carefully chosen to demonstrate the effectiveness of our brand experience. This convenient set carries 4 styling products, 2 shampoos and 1 exceptional conditioner. They're all travel-friendly.

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