Shaving and skincare present a unique set of challenges for men. Around 60% of men experience ingrown hair problems. Shaving bumps happen to most guys and men tend to get curled facial hairs that are more likely to curve and grow back into the skin, leading to skin irritation and inflammation. It’s important to follow a good shaving and skincare routine that can deliver a clear, smooth complexion.

Exfoliate Properly

At least twice a week use a face scrub or face mask to lift the layer of dead skin cells. Quality face scrubber comes with environment-friendly ingredients that prevent facial skin irritation and improve moisture retention. The gentle scrubbing beads uproot stubborn ingrown hairs and clear out deep-rooted dirt and oil while softening beard hairs for a hassle-free shave.

Wash Your Face Regularly

When it comes to men’s skincare, it is essential to find a face wash customized to your skin type. The right formulation shouldn’t leave your face feeling dry and tight after you apply it. If your skin is oily, use top quality face cleanser that is oil-free, but not one that strips all the moisture from your facial skin.

Preparation before Shaving

Prepping your facial skin and softening your coarse beard hair is essential for a close, comfortable facial shave. A steamy shower and premium pre-shave oil with nourishing shaving cream will reduce razor drag by providing a smoother surface. The razor blade will glide very easily over your face and redness on your skin and razor burn will be reduced.

Choose Superior Razors

To minimize razor burn and irritation, it is important to reduce the friction between your shaving blade and skin. A safety razor has a sharp well-angled blade that needs fewer passes over the skin even when taking down course facial hair. Make sure you use a fresh blade that will cut down your whiskers as dull blades also cause pulling. It is important to note that the longer a blade sits out, the more likely it is to collect skin irritation causing bacteria. Replace it when required.

Moisturize Your Face

Get the right moisturizing formula for your skin type, apply daily in the morning and at night before bed and you will easily balance the amount of oil your skin produces. The perfect skincare for men includes sunscreen. Be safe and choose an SPF 15 or higher if you are going to be under the harsh sun rays for a longer time.

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