40 Week Hands-On Barber Training Program

Mancave’s accredited barbering school helps build a strong background in both, barbering textbook basics, and practical skills to master the art. This program serves as a gateway to establish connections with prospective clients meanwhile becoming the best barber you can be in the academy.

This program serves in meeting the educational requirements for the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) and the Florida Administrative Code (FAC). A diploma will be granted once you complete the program successfully and you’ll be able to apply for the state board exam which is required for licensure.

Giving Mancave Barbering Academy a visit could be the best way to find out that it’s the right option. This will help you meet our facilities, students, and instructors. Schedule a visit now or get more info about it.

Be a barber professional

The barbering program at Mancave Barbering Academy will offer practical training and experience in the salon, as well as assistance individually to ensure having a well-qualified barber in less than 1 year. This program permits gaining barbering techniques such as classic styles and modern trends.

What do we teach you?

  • Clipper & sheer cutting
  • Coloring, relaxers, perms

  • Hair texturing & styling

  • Moustache & beard shaves

  • Fades

  • and more!

Program Period

This program provides 1200 hours (40 weeks) of theory and practice. The program offers basic to advanced levels of barbering techniques.

What Next?

In addition to acquiring Barbering techniques in the classroom, you will also benefit from the actual experience with the clients in our salon. Develop your training skills to become a Barbering professional before you graduate!

Our experienced instructors will perform supervision and guidance in order to offer high-end salons and spas services. You will be professionally ready to have your own place and develop your career once you accomplish this program.

Barbers job opportunities:

  • Barber Shops

  • Beauty Salons
  • Resort Hotels

  • and more!

Every barber can have the chance to own a barbershop!

Find out more about Barber training at ManCave Barbering Academy and check out our program.

Finance Assistance for Your Education

ManCave Barbering Academy offers financial assistance for the qualified students. Your beauty, barber, spa or wellness training can be achievable with the help of Federal Student Aid, Pell Grants, Veterans Benefits and more.

Our team of Financial Aid Advisors can evaluate your eligibility for scholarships and financial assistance. If they find that you should have financial assistance then they help you choose the right option and secure funding before starting the program. Try contacting our Financial Aid advisors.

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